Whether there’s a large-scale attack on infrastructure or a smaller-scale attack on individual trucks, let's take a look at how real the threat of cyberattacks is in the trucking industry.

In May 2021, the ransomware cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline forced it to shutdown the pipeline between Texas and New York, causing disruption to the supply of diesel and other petroleum products. The event prompted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to create more flexibility for motor carriers and drivers hauling these products to the affected states.

Whether it’s a large-scale attack like Colonial Pipeline, or a smaller-scale attack on individual trucks, how real is the threat of cyberattacks in the trucking industry? Here are some of the top cybersecurity-related articles in one place for quick reference:

Taking Stock of Cybersecurity with Carrier Logistics’ Kevin Linardic: Threat actors don’t discriminate based on size, so small trucking companies are still an attractive target for cyberattacks. Supply chain attacks often start with the weakest link in the chain and threat actors will gain entry via one business to reach another as part of its goal.  

Don’t Let Your Trucking Data Be Held Hostage: No organization is immune from cyber threats and trucking has become a heavily targeted industry. Read more about the types of attacks the trucking industry is facing most often. 

Exploring risk mitigation and cyber security for connected vehicles: Transportation and logistics companies are among the top-targeted industries by threat actors. What can you do to prevent and prepare for a cyber attack?

Cybersecurity Expert: Many Fleets Are Unprotected Against a Massive, Calamitous Hack: Painting a picture of a worst case scenario and sound pre-emptive actions. This article focuses on IoT and connected vehicles as means of cyber attack with interesting stats to back it up. A great source for building a business case for cyber defenses.

5 Defining Cyberattacks On Trucking And Logistics In 2020: Hackers hit the transportation and logistics industry hard in 2020. Many of the cyberattacks involved ransomware, with just-in-time supply chains being particularly susceptible to operational disruption, making it easier to strong arm companies into paying ransoms that run in the millions of dollars. Read the impact of ransomware on these trucking & logistics companies who faced the choice of paying the ransom and recovering from data loss.

Where critical systems are affected, it is essential fleet leaders are able to call upon cyber security expertise to navigate through any incident and initiate remediation steps. Planning and preparing for a cyber incident is a fundamental practice for vehicle fleet business leaders today, and understanding your fleet’s cyber risk is a great place to start.

ShieldsUp can provide a Cyber Readiness assessment, which takes 15 minutes to complete and provides a benchmark for your organization to assess how prepared you currently are for an attack. And in the event of a cyber incident, ShieldsUp have a specialist on-call incident response concierge of auto cyber experts to steer businesses through the situation and ensure you return to business as usual. The service provides preferential rates and treatment with trusted cyber incident response and fleet vendors.

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