Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws attention to the danger threat actors pose to businesses and individuals online. It was reported that during the Covid-19 pandemic, cybercrime increased by 600%. In 2021 alone there have been multiple high profile cyber attacks including Colonial Pipeline, HAFNIUM Microsoft Exchange exploit and the Kaseya ransomware attack. Such staggering statistics and high profile cyber attacks demonstrate the dangers of digital transformation executed without sufficient risk management. With a focus on education, tools and process, you can use resources throughout October to build global resilience against cyber threats, tackling the threat actors exploiting digital vulnerabilities as a united force. 

ShieldsUp is joining millions across the globe to do our part and support logistics and trucking organizations #BeCyberSmart!

When is Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month takes place across the globe in October. This year the theme is ‘Do Your Part: #BeCyberSmart’, and the Federal Government is encouraging all businesses to review cybersecurity within their business and for all employees to take cyber threats seriously – not just the IT team.

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What Are the Cybersecurity Risks for Logistics and Fleet Operators?

In cybersecurity an ‘attack surface’ is what an attacker can see and how they might get in. In a home burglary,  the attack surface a burglar sees are things like your front door, your windows, or perhaps a garage.

The attack surface of modern trucks and fleet vehicles has never been larger: infotainment systems; ODB II dongles needed for telematics and insurance; GPS navigation systems; digital key fobs; fleet management systems; dashcams; connections for service information; plus connected apps offering tracking and remote unlock. And the list goes on.

In the digital world, those doors and windows are the computer code that runs on them. And it is immense. A Ford F-150 truck now has 150 million lines of code under the bonnet. For context, the Airforce’s latest F-35 fighter jet only has 8 million.

For top tips on how to assess and mitigate these risks, read the ShieldsUp article: 10 Steps to Securing Your Fleet 

Training and awareness campaigns are critical strategies for strengthening organisational cybersecurity.

Being aware of cyber threats should never be limited to the IT team – every individual could represent a vulnerability, and should therefore be equally aware of the types of threats businesses and individuals face. 

As organizations transitioned into remote working almost overnight because of the pandemic, security teams were left to quickly ensure their businesses were secure, while trying to fill in the cracks left behind by the introduction of new networks, new devices, and new cyber attacks. Employees, now more than ever, need to remain vigilant in protecting their organization. Ransomware attacks can and will still occur, so cyber resilience is imperative. Once compromised, it’s too late to take any preventative measures. 

So enable your people with proper training, do it regularly, and ensure fleet and driver handbooks are maintained with up to date content for when they are out on the road.


Implement the best tools and practices

Today, across many organizations, corporate culture has changed dramatically. Many people now access, share, and store data in a variety of ways, using multiple services and devices. This is why organizations need to prioritize cloud security and ensure their employees are cyber aware. Remote working isn’t a new concept to logistics and fleet operations, but organizations can no longer afford to improvise when it comes to data protection. Invest time and resources into finding appropriate solutions that are capable of securing data in a remote environment.

Cybersecurity is a mindset, it pays to be prepared

Technology is a vital part of everyday life and so the security of our devices and data must be ingrained into daily routine. Organizations need to be able to recover data and get back to operating swiftly and painlessly, without paying a ransom. Key to this is leveraging cybersecurity solutions that can quickly and effectively provide recovery after an attack. For logistics and fleet operators, the impact of cyber incidents are different to other industries, so it's important to choose cybersecurity experts with access to a panel of industry-specific vendors that provide tailored, fleet-specific services to get operations restored quickly in case of an incident. 

Regularly reviewing system settings and disabling unnecessary services that may leave you open to attack is crucial. It is also essential that IT systems are continually updated and free from known vulnerabilities. A risk assessment that helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and addresses your gaps can help you save precious time and resources in the event of a cyber attack. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a good reminder to organizations to do just that.

ShieldsUp is an expert at handling incidents and can oversee incident response and remediation that compliments other protective cyber risk mitigations. Customers typically start by filling in a Cyber Readiness Assessment that takes 15 minutes to complete and provides a benchmark for your organization to assess how prepared you currently are for an attack. The service provides preferential rates and treatment with trusted cyber incident response and fleet vendors.

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