Ransomware became the arch neme-swiss of Dutch ware housingand transportation provider Bakker Logistiek, causing a cheese shortage in supermarkets.

Bakker Logistiek is one of the largest logistics operators in the Netherlands, providing air-conditioned warehousing and food transportation services for Dutch supermarkets. The ransomware attack encrypted devices on their network which massively disrupted food transportation and fulfillment operations.

In an article by Bleeping Computer, Bakker director Toon Verhoeven explains what happened: "We could no longer receive orders from customers, and in our warehouses we no longer knew where products were. These are very large warehouses, you don't just go looking for a pallet.”

The disruption extended to Bakker’s fleet operations: “We also couldn't plan our transports anymore. We have hundreds of trucks, which was not done by hand either."

Whilst the company has been able to restore IT operations, it took six days to recover these systems and it hasn’t said whether they paid the ransom to get back online. Bakker Logistiek suspects, but hasn’t confirmed, that the breach happened following the recent Microsoft Exchange zero-day vulnerabilities[1] that allowed cyber criminals to capitalize on exposed servers.

Shoppers are more likely to be angry with the supermarkets, where they expect their cheese to be, instead of blaming the logistics company, or even the cyber criminals who have caused the shortage - which is where the blame really lies.

For Bakker Logistiek the cost of this ransomware attack will stretch far beyond the potential extortion payment. Other costs associated with an attack – downtime, lost sales opportunities, customer dissatisfaction and service credits, the expense of attack mitigation and recovery, damage to company brand reputation, may stretch into hundreds-of-thousands of Euros.

According to the Tech Transformers, ransomwareattacks can cost smaller companies an average of $713,000 per incident, a combination of the expense of downtime and lost business due to reputational arm. For Danish transportation and logistics giant Maersk the costs were far worse than that - they suffered $300M of business interruption losses due to their ransomware attack. The downtime forced a 20% drop in its shipping volume when it had to fall back to manual operations during the recovery effort, which required Maersk to re-install 4000 servers, 45,000 PCs, and 2500 applications over ten days.

How can I stop this from happening to me?

Cyber security can be a minefield, but don’t worry, because ricotta way through this! Cheese puns aside, organisations need a cyber security strategy that balances prevention, detection and response. A mature approach like this can pay dividends and prevent a similar situation happening to you.

What we’ve heard from our customers in the commercial transportation, freight, and logistics space is that they really aren't prepared to defend against and respond to a cyber attack. This is the value ShieldsUp provides. ShieldsUp helps protect, respond, and restore operations during a cyber incident including ransomware, data loss, credential theft and reputation damage. Not only will ShieldsUp and our expert vendor network be there to guide you through a cyber incident, you’ll receive a free cyber readiness assessment which will measure the existing risks to your business and critically highlight the vulnerabilities and remediation steps to be secure. ShieldsUp helps you make critical security changes to ensure hackers can’t harm your business in the first place. And if the worst does happen, our concierge service will steer you through best practice incident response tactics.

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link to MS article when published

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