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The cyber risk to connected fleets is real.

We're building a world class fleet cyber risk mitigation service with the help of market leaders like you.

ShieldsUp's incident response and remediation services protect connected fleets from disruption through a combination of technology, crisis management, and insurance.


We prepare your team for cyber risk. Complete our cyber readiness assessment and receive bespoke recommendations from our experts.


During an attack, your ShieldsUp concierge will manage incidents, contain risk, and provide operational support to minimize business disruption.


After a cyber incident, we’ll help you recover your operations, repair any damage, and fortify vulnerabilities against future attacks.
About Us
“What is the real risk associated with cyber attacks on fleets of vehicles?”

After digging through data and talking with fleet operators all over the USA, we at ShieldsUp (supported by Munich Re) came to understand that operational disruption represented the key risk for fleets and that there was not a comprehensive single-contract partner they could work with to mitigate that risk.

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Stay updated with auto cyber industry news and insights.

We post content from commercial fleet subject matter experts, running cyber attack simulation war games with fleets, offering free webinars, and joining you at virtual industry conferences.

On-Call Incident Response Team

The ShieldsUp Incident Response Team will be here for you if you suspect an attack.

Low per vehicle pricing

Our team of fleet cyber experts are here for you in the event of an attack. We'll work with your business continuity team and your existing partners to remediate an incident.

In the event that you need support - you will have access to our extensive network of approved vendors to ensure you return to business as usual as quickly as possible.


ShieldsUp Cyber Readiness AssessmentDeep-dive Onboarding Call with a Cyber ExpertBespoke Cyber Business Continuity Plan


24/7 HotlineIncident response manager Fleet-specific Incident Response Playbooks


Fleet-specific Vehicle, Hardware, & Software remediation servicesCyber forensics and remediation servicesLegal support

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